Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lemonade And Fields

There are some things that Lame Owls need for life exsitance. The warm weather that is finally, finally, beginning is wonderful... For the most part. The downside is that once the tempuratures start rising, something happens within the body of a Lame Owl, something terrible.

It starts with a desperate craving for Green Tea Lemonade. It's kind of like heroin but way tastier and with more ice. We crave for it as if we were gut and blood ridden zombies in need of their fix.

The thing about GTL is that it has no substitute... none. You can't just simply have a glass of normal lemonade and feel satisfied, no no,  it needs to be from Starbucks and it needs to be of the green tea variety. We tried to make it on our own once and failed. Drinking it from a straw is also a very important part, and you have to ask for limited ice otherwise you'll just end up with lemon-flavoured ice. Which would be sad.
We take this drink very seriously.
One time we decieded to 'be brave' and try Passion Tea Lemonade, lets just say it didn't turn out to well.

It was pretty much a scene out of the Hulk. We became extremely angered, grew some muscles and ripped our clothes right off. It was weird... and intense.
...And a little bit arousing.

Once we have the GTL though, that doesn't mean that suddenly everything is okay. You see, the warm weather in combination with the GTL causes our brain to basically shut down, which means we need an appropriate place to pass out for a good 10 hours. If there isn't a field or meadow proximal to us the panic starts to set in. WE HAVE TO FIND A GODDAMN FIELD OR SOMETHING BAD IS GOING TO HAPPEN!

If we do find one though, it's okay.
Then we can sleep peacefully and enjoy the GTL.

Except sometimes the peacefulness doesn't actually happen.
Sometimes it is disrupted by extreme awkwardness.
Do you want to know what kind of awkwardness we've encountered in feilds? Do you? DO YOU?
If you do, please let us know because there has been an obscene amount of discomfort involing meadows and we'd love to share!


  1. I think that it is a very nice picture.It looks like it would make a nice cartoon.


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