Sunday, May 9, 2010

I know I Am, Thank You.

We have a blushing problem.
There should be Blushers anonymous except that everyone who should attend meetings would be to shy to actually ever go and if they did then they'd just sit there being as red as two red things anyway.
So I guess that's actually a pretty bad plan.

Anyway we blush A LOT.
It mostly  happens during uncomfortable solo situations, like in dance or giving a presentation. Sometimes though it just happens for no good reason which is really just unfair and stupid.
The reason that this is a problem and not just a nuisance because people have this really annoying tendency to point out that we're blushing. What is the point of that?! Obviously I know that I am blushing because my face has the fire of a thousand microwaves pouring out of it and I am tearing up with embarrassment now that you've called everyone's attention to it.
Thanks Jerk.

This is how the situation usually pans out:

Lame Owl is forced to do something horrible and humiliating like a dance solo in front of a million (actually just ten) people. Obviously discomfort levels are rising steadily. Blushing begins. 

Person: Aw, you're blushing!

Lame Owl: Blushes harder but tries to appear normal. Possibly laughs awkwardly.

Person: Oh man, you are SO red right now!!

Lame Owl: Continues blushing. Forgets how to speak. Eyes begin to water.

Person: Oh my god! Are you crying?! Aw! Don't cry! Guys she's crying!

Lame Owl: Gnarf.

Then everyone always makes a big deal about it and it all could have been avoided if that one jerk hadn't pointed out the blush.
Actually.. It could have been ENTIRELY avoided, blush included, if the Lame Owls hadn't been forced to do a dance solo or anything.

The point is, why do people have to inform us that we're blushing?
How would some one NOT KNOW that they were blushing? And pointing it out is guaranteed to make them blush harder and only some kind of.. sadist would want that.

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  1. I blush all the time too! Thanks for talking about awkward and uncomfortable situations!


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