Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Got Some Toast, Yo.

We are really good singer/ songwriters. It's kind of unbelievable actually, the vast amount of talent we possess.It would be coy to downplay our musical genius. The sound of our melodious voices drifts on sweet winds to the heavens where Jesus weeps at the ethereal beauty of it.

Imagine what twelve orphaned, legless cats with throat cancer purring gently while being tumble-dried sounds like and then you add to that the harmony of an unoiled swing set- you are now close to imagining what we sound like.

We've had a few bands over the years, most notably Corn In A Sketchbook which was our Indie Band. Sketchy Corn (the band's pet name for itself) featured such hits as "I'm Really Awkward And I Love You" and "Off-Key Seranade To The Wilderness". But our phase of wearing unnecessarily lame glasses and high-waisted pants are over. No longer do we croon about our uncomfortable love in waivery voices strumming out-of-tune guitars.

Now we want to be more in touch with our badassery. Our new band is really tough and...angry. It's all about expression and our knowledge of the Street. It's really hardcore.
Welcome to THE STERS.
The name is because we aren't cool enough to be real gangsters.
Just Sters.
Zoe's rapper name is Shibizzle Nisquit and Sara's is Owlniquia.
We're really good at doing 'rap hands', but possibly not at doing rap.
Our first song is going to be about Toast.


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