Monday, April 26, 2010

Test Of Life!

This is Sara and Zoe's Ultimate Test of Life.
Take it...

1. Someone butts in front of you at the grocery store, you:
     a. Let it go
     b. Confront the jerk!
     c. SHOOT THEM!!!

2. A beaver forms a den in your backyard, you:
    a. SHOOT IT!
    b. Call animal control services
    c. kick it out of your yard
    d. Take pictures

3. You invite the neighbours over for a nice dinner, you wear:
     a. A cocktail dress- exposing lots of cleavage
     b. NOTHING
     c. Casual jeans and a tee shirt
     d. A fig leaf.

4. Someone offers you some Goldfish TM
, do you:
    a. Take a small amount and thank them
    b. Eat the whole bag (including the bag)
    c. SHOOT THEM!!!
    d. chuck them at the offerers face

5. Someone compliments your hair, do you:
    a. Shave off their hair
    b. Thank them and return the compliment
    c. Savagely stab them in the heart
    d. Rip out all your hair and use it to strangle them!!!

6. Some spinach is caught in your friends braces, you:
    a. Kindly inform them.
    b. Point and laugh.
    c. SHOOT THEM, rip their teeth out and BURN the body!!!
    d. Tell them to smile when their crush goes by.

7. You are at a clothing store and someone is going for the same item as you are, you:
    a. Rip it in half.
    b. Eat the item and SHOOT THEM!!
    c. Give it to them.
    d. Strangle them with it.

8. An Egyptian snake tries to bite you, you:
    b. Become a Snake Whisperer and communicate with it.
    c. Run away.
    d. Capture it!

9. You are at a world famous cliff with a friend, you:
    a. Enjoy the veiw! Take pictures!
    b. Push your friend off.
    c. Throw yourself off.
   d. Blow the whole cliff up takeing all the tourists with you!!!

There is no question 10.


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