Friday, May 15, 2009

Awkward Trend: The Jumpsuit

The Lame Owls have noticed a suspicious trend rising up and it's name is Jumpsuit. Why is this happening? We don't know, and we find it to most uncomfortable and not in a squirmygood kind of way but in a bad, bad romper kind of way. Here at Lame Owl we have decided to try and capture photos of the Jumpsuit at large, mingling with the public, so be prepared to see what this little garment looks like on anyone but a supermodel!


  1. I remember back in the late eighties having shorts jumpers that I wore to work as a hostess. At the time they were cute - what was I thinking?!?

    Love the quotes BTW.

  2. Oh my, the style is too average for my neighbourhood (East Asia).


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